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Email Archiving
Email archiving—and retrieval is becoming increasingly important, especially as escalating legal requirements for email retention and retrieval become standard practice.
Additionally, disaster recovery and response plans often require offsite storage of critical business data, including emails. Because a disaster could include loss of Internet access, having your own copies of past emails can help get your business back up and running smoothly and quickly, without being solely dependent on the Internet.
KD Interactive Hosted Email offers a choice in Email Archiving Solutions.
Message Archiver & Compliance Reviewer
Our Message Archiver & Compliance Reviewer, powered by Global Relay, features an industry-leading archiving and monitoring solution to securely store email and instant message (IM) for regulatory compliance, SEC audits and eDiscovery.
Bcc Email Archiving
With KD Interactive Hosted Email, Bcc Archiving forwards a copy of all incoming and outgoing emails to another email account. This allows customers to archive all incoming and outgoing emails, storing them in another email account hosted on our system. Bcc Archiving is optional and is available at a minimal charge for each archived email account. Administrators can purchase—and manage—Bcc Archiving through the administrative control panel, after signing up for the services.
DVD Email Archiving
In addition to Bcc Archiving, KD Interactive Hosted Email offers an effective, easy-to-implement solution for long-term email archiving and email retention. With DVD Archiving Solutions, you can request CD or DVD backup copies of your email mailbox data. Archival disks are fully searchable, making it easy to locate emails specified in discovery requests.
Disks can be ordered for an individual mailbox, or for multiple mailboxes. Each mailbox will have its own disk. Or, if you prefer to back up multiple mailboxes onto one disk, you can combine your service with the KD Interactive Hosted Email Bcc Archiving solution. You may choose a monthly subscription, which is shipped the first week of every month, or a one-off order, which is shipped daily.

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