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Data Backups Amazon S3 Web Services
KD Interactive Hosted Email and Amazon have established a strong working relationship around our use of the Amazon S3 service. KD Interactive Hosted Email selected the Amazon S3 product for the backup storage of email messages for two key reasons:
  • Amazon's commitment to 100% system availability matches our own guarantees. Meeting that guarantee is a high priority for all aspects of our email system. The design of their storage system is inherently fault tolerant, and matches a major design element of our own central email facilities. Experience has shown that individual components can and do fail, so designing around such failures is the only way to reach needed levels of system availability.
  • Scalability is incredibly important for the KD Interactive Hosted Email backup system, as our email volume is enormous and our growth rate remains very high. Amazon's proven track record at managing the growth of their own business lends great credence to their future ability to grow with our business.
Here's what others have to say about Amazon's S3 service:

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