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Custom Built Software
The KD Interactive Hosted Email email hosting system has been built with open source software, plus a mix of custom-built software. Below are some of the applications that our development team has built internally.
Our Webmail client includes incredibly fast message searching, integrated calendaring and shared calendaring, tasks lists, a feed reader, and many other features. Updates to the Webmail client are frequent and bring new features and improved usability. Our fully AJAX-enabled Webmail client was initially released in the second half of 2006. Prior to that time, we had used a custom implementation of Squirrelmail.
Webmail Mobile
As mobile devices become more powerful and widespread, the need for mobile access has increased. Webmail Mobile is readable even on very small screens and yet is powerful enough to allow users to read and compose email, access IMAP folders, and manage their task lists.
KD Interactive Hosted Email has created an advanced search index to allow our customers to quickly locate matching emails.
BLAgr, short for Blacklist Aggregator, was custom developed at KD Interactive Hosted Email to combine the many spam blacklists into a single set of DNS entries that are kept up to date across several DNS servers. By combining a large number of blacklists, spam filtering software can assess with a single DNS query whether an email comes from a person or server that is blacklisted.
Vault Data Backups
Emails are backed up nightly and stored for 14 days. Read more about the custom solution KD Interactive Hosted Email developed with Amazon's Web Services here.

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