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Abuse Protection
Serious measures are taken to keep spammers from using our email hosting system to send mail and to keep our system out of the anti-spam blacklists. Acceptable Use Policy compliance is strongly enforced in order to maintain the integrity of the email service for the benefit of all customers. Monitoring systems detect when a customer tries to send out an unauthorized bulk mailing, and cuts it off before it is too late, alerting our engineers, who then contact the customer.

Also, KD Interactive Hosted Email email server IP addresses are checked against the anti-spam blacklists continuously. In the rare case that one of our IPs becomes blacklisted, engineers receive an alert from the monitoring system. Immediately, our engineers take action to diagnose and stop whatever caused the blacklisting to occur. During this time, the IP address that was blacklisted is removed from use so that no outgoing mail is sent from it. If an entire range of IP addresses become blacklisted, fallback routing is used to route mail through an alternate cluster of SMTP servers with clean IPs. Once the issue has been resolved, we contact the blacklisting organization in order to get the IP address removed from the blacklist.

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