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Virus Protection Scan
After the above preprocessing is complete, a virus scanner is used to scan the email and all of its uncompressed attachments. ClamAV is the current scanner of choice, although the KD Interactive Hosted Email system was designed to be able to plug-in any virus scanner on the market, should the need arise.

Updated virus definitions are automatically pushed to our system directly from the vendors. This gives our customers protection from new viruses within minutes. Virus definitions are updated this way many times each day. In contrast, most desktop and server anti-virus programs are configured to check for new virus signatures only once per day.
Failsafe Configuration
Redundancy and failover support are built into every aspect of the email hosting system. Should our email virus scanner encounter an error or fail to complete, there are additional scanners that automatically rescan the email. This safeguard ensures that all emails are properly scanned and that mail traffic always continues without interruption.

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