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Email Hosting Technology
Email and collaboration availability—it's critical to the success of your business. We know that when email goes down, work slows to a crawl, and leads and revenue are at risk of being lost. Our industry-leading 100% uptime guarantee is a reflection of both our understanding of email's central importance to many businesses and a reflection of the email system engineered by our experts.

With no single points of failure in our Hosted Email environment and our years of experience supporting complex applications, our Hosted Email delivers the highest levels of reliability, performance and uptime. So it's not your every day email solution. Its Email Without Headaches.
High Availability
From the ground-up our Hosted Email platform was built with your business' success in mind. By incorporating multiple redundancies into every component of our Hosted Email platform, your email service is guaranteed to be there when you need it. From our front-end application servers, email storage, databases, DNS, spare servers, top-tier Tier-4 data centers, scalability, and monitoring, we've taken care of everything for you— and have the Service Level Agreements to prove it.
Data Backups
Our secure, offsite data backup system, custom built using Amazon.com's Amazon Web Services, avoids the performance pitfalls of transportable media backups (e.g., tape, optical) without needing to rely on a local storage area network that would sacrifice the advantages of offsite data. It is also faster than traditional file-based backup systems because it is application aware and able to more efficiently determine which files and attributes need to be stored and which do not. This makes restoring data as fast as possible.
Email Security
Our security policies cover every aspect of our Hosted Email platform. From physical security covering access to the data centers and servers to data security covering network traffic and data, KD Interactive Hosted Email, in partnership with Rackspace Hosting, protects you with the industry's most potent security tools and techniques that are designed, built, and maintained specifically for enterprise-class web operations.
KD Interactive Hosted Email uses a combination of software products and tools—open source, commercial off-the-shelf, as well as those developed in-house. Regardless of the source of the software, the goal is always the same: high availability and high performance email services.

In accordance with best practices in application security, our software is updated with all security fixes as quickly as possible, after verifying that the patches will not interrupt email service. Performance enhancements are also added regularly, after thorough testing.
Spam Filtering
In order to win the war against spam, we evolve our spam defenses faster than spammers evolve their tactics. If you choose to outsource to KD Interactive Hosted Email, your business email will run on a state-of-the-art email hosting system with numerous levels of anti-spam protection.
Virus Protection
KD Interactive Hosted Email leads the email hosting industry with strong server-level virus detection, including the use of two different anti-virus products and fast updates to virus signatures. The anti-virus process begins with several important pre-scanning stages, followed by two virus scanning stages and ending with virus notifications and detailed statistics provided to the customer.

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