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Collaboration & Productivity
Microsoft Exchange is known in the industry for its ability to provide a suite of collaboration and productivity tools to help businesses with their collaborative needs. Hosted Exchange provides all of the features found with a dedicated Microsoft Exchange server, without the high cost.
Personal and Shared Calendars
Allow users to maintain their own personal calendar and share its contents with other users.
Personal and Shared Contacts
Allow users to maintain their own personal contacts and share contacts with other users.
Personal and Shared Tasks
Allow users to manage their own personal task lists and share task with other users.
Global Address List (GAL)
Ability to create and manage a corporate address list that stores all the contacts within the organization and can be viewed by anyone in the organization.
Distribution Lists
Ability to create an email address that will email a list of email addresses all at the same time.
Scheduling Assistant
Helps users efficiently schedule meetings by providing visual guidance on the best and worst times to schedule meetings based on meeting invitees and required resources.
Out of Office Messaging
Users can schedule out of office messaging to begin and end on specific dates and times.
Public Folders
Create a folder that can share files, emails, contacts, calendar items, notes, and/or tasks with other users.

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