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Data Backup and Retention
Triple Redundancy Back-Ups
Hosted Email Features
Your business data is your business. So to ensure the integrity of your email, we save three copies of your data in three geographically dispersed data centers. This triple-redundancy system is designed to give you peace of mind that your data will be stored securely.

And if one of your users ever accidentally deletes an email, an entire folder, or even a mailbox, itís easy to restore that data. The system administrator will just need to log in to the control panel and request a data restoration.

Your backup data will be encrypted and safely stored in Amazon.comís S3 storage system, which has a commitment to 100% system availability that matches our own guarantees. The entire triple-redundancy backup system is designed to ensure that your business data will be safe and secure, and there when you need it.
Built-in Disaster Recovery
Hosted Exchange provides you with a built in disaster recovery solution. The system automatically performs backups every 30 minutes to protect your data. More importantly any message that is deleted in the last 30 days can be retrieved immediately.

With Data Backup provided by KD Interactive Hosted Email you get unmatched capabilities.
Data Backups Every 30 Minutes
We take snapshots every 30 minutes to protect you and your users from accidental deletion and failure, and to also eliminate single points of failure in the storage system.
Fast Data Recovery
Recover any email that has been deleted in the past 30 days immediately and any mailbox (including messages) lost in the last 30 days within 6 hours.
Instant Permanent Email and Attachment Archiving
Our Message Archiver & Compliance Reviewer, powered by Global Relay, features an industry-leading archiving and monitoring solution to securely store email and instant message (IM) for regulatory compliance, SEC audits and eDiscovery.

Never loose a single email message or attachmentóever again. You'll gain instant access to restore any email message or attachment from a minute or years ago.

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