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Hosted Exchange FAQ
What do I get with Hosted Exchange?
Hosted Exchange is designed to take all the worries of implementing and maintaining Exchange off your shoulders, so you get a lot for the price.

First, it's because you will never have to do anything to support it, unlike in-house Exchange solutions and even regular hosted Exchange solutions. Comparing Hosted Exchange to regular hosted Exchange is not an apple-to-apple comparison.

Second, KD Interactive Hosted Email will provide you with a dedicated and certified Customer Care Team that's responsible for managing and supporting your Exchange environment and infrastructure 24x7x365.

Third, our Hosted Exchange high availability configuration enables us to deliver 100% application uptime, guaranteed or you'll be refunded up to 100% of your monthly fee.

Fourth, we charge no setup or standard migration fees, even for wireless services.

Fifth, our premium spam filtering and anti-virus solution comes standard for every Hosted Exchange customer.

Sixth, once you've freed up your time and money from your current Exchange Solution, you can rest easy knowing that as future versions and updates are released you will always be upgraded—at no extra cost, effort, or inconvenience of you or your staff.

Last, Hosted Exchange's full MAPI compatibility means you get all the functionality of Exchange, whereas many hosted Exchange solutions have limited functionality because they only have POP3 or IMAP access.
Can I incorporate shared calendaring, contacts and public folders with Hosted Exchange?
Absolutely. The KD Interactive Hosted Email Hosted Exchange solution offers collaboration for all Exchange users within the same domain. You're free to schedule meetings and share calendars with other Exchange users within your domain. Even better, you can also create contacts in the Global Folder that can be shared by all Exchange users within the domain; as well as set up, manage and modify Public Folders available for the same set of users.
How do end users access Hosted Exchange?
  • Users can access Hosted Exchange through a client such as Outlook 2007 or Entourage 2008 (KD Interactive Hosted Email provides either with each mailbox).
  • Users can also log into our Secure Webmail Web Site (Internet Explorer is the preferred browser, Firefox allows a limited feature set).
  • You cannot access the Hosted Exchange by Terminal Service connection.
Where are your servers located?
Our servers are hosted in geographically dispersed Tier-4 data centers owned and managed by Rackspace.
Where do you store your data backups?
We back up all of our data nightly to three geographically dispersed data centers managed by Amazon. We store that data on the Amazon S3 platform.
Can I use my own domain name with your email hosting services?
Yes, all of our customers use their company's domain name as part of their email address (e.g., yourname@yourdomain.com). When you sign up for email hosting services, you can specify an existing domain or create a new one.
Can we keep the same email addresses that we have now?
Yes, you can keep the same email addresses and it takes just a few simple steps to make it happen. Our Customer Care Team can help you through the process.
Can I configure email addresses within the same domain to use both Exchange and Hosted Email mail services?
Yes. This is called split domain routing and requires us to set up specialized domain routing on our end. This service is offered, but there are a few considerations that you should discuss with a KD Interactive Hosted Email mail Support Specialist before implementing.
Would this "split domain routing" allow shared calendars, contacts and tasks between the Hosted Email and Exchange users?
Unfortunately, calendars, contacts and tasks cannot be shared between Noteworthy and Exchange users.
Does Hosted Exchange run on a dedicated server for each customer or is it shared?
KD Interactive Hosted Email's Hosted Exchange runs in a shared environment. This is the most cost effective way for customers to take advantage of the features of Exchange, while keeping cost to a minimum. We do offer dedicated Exchange environments. If you're interested in this type of set up, please inquire with a KD Interactive Hosted Email Sales Consultant.
What's the main difference between Dedicated Exchange and Hosted Exchange at KD Interactive Hosted Email?
At KD Interactive Hosted Email, Dedicated Exchange requires that you run and manage Exchange on a separate and dedicated server that's supported by a team of KD Interactive Hosted Email experts. Hosted Exchange, on the other hand, delivers the benefits of Exchange on a shared Exchange environment that's managed by KD Interactive Hosted Email.
Can I manage storage allocation sharing on a per user basis, regardless of the domain, or is it on a per user basis within the same domain? Are there any restrictions on mailboxes sizes?
Each mailbox is initially provisioned and configured with 2 GB of allocated storage space. The administrator can also add storage in 1GB increments, which can be assigned and managed through the control panel.

A mailbox can have up to 10GB of extra storage space, but we strongly recommend that each mailbox does not exceed 5 GB.
What happens when a user approaches their storage quota?
Users receive a warning message when they approach their storage limit and the administrator can also manage the information in the Control Panel. When their user reaches the limit, they will not be able to send mail, but will still be able to receive it.
Is my mail encrypted? What options do I have to accomplish encryption for mail?
All communication between clients (OWA/Outlook/Entourage) is secure via HTTPS. By default, mail is not encrypted. There is client based third party software available that runs locally, and will encrypt sent and received mail. KD Interactive Hosted Email, however, does not provide or support this service and is something that each customer would need to setup and support.
How long should I expect it to take to set up the Hosted Exchange Service?
KD Interactive Hosted Email will provision your domain in up to 24 hours. We do suggest planning ahead, scheduling the redirection of your Mail Exchange records, since it can take up to 72 hours for this data to replicate to all the Domain Name Servers on the Internet. Our Customer Care Team can help you with this process as well as provide you with the necessary documentation.
If I host email with you can I leave my website where it is?
Yes. Since we focus exclusively on email hosting, all of our customers with websites host email with us and keep their websites with a third party provider.
Can I continue to use Outlook as my email client?
Yes, you can continue to use the Outlook/Entourage software you've already installed for your users. You are also provided a free copy of the latest version of Outlook or Entourage with each mailbox should you want to install it for your users.
Are there any refunds if I cancel within my prepayment term?
Yes. You can cancel anytime and receive a prorated refund for prepaid services you do not plan to use.
Can I migrate email data from my current provider to you?
Yes, we have a team that specializes in data migrations and will work with you to make the transition as easy as possible.
What are your customer service hours?
Our customer care team is available 24x7x365.
How do end users access Hosted Exchange wirelessly? Is it compatible with Outlook Mobile Access?
There are several ways your users can wirelessly access their Hosted Exchange mailboxes. We offer BlackBerry Enterprise Server licenses from Research in Motion (RIM), ActiveSync for Windows Mobile devices (including Direct Push technology), Good Mobile Messaging software, and iPhone access (IMAP only).

NOTE: An unlimited data plan from your wireless service provider is recommended. Your wireless network provider may charge extra for data services. Contact your service to learn more.

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