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High Availability Data Center
A data center must be intentionally constructed from the floor up to offer high availability to the services hosted inside. With Rackspace as our data center hosting partner, we are confident that the data center physical plant and network infrastructure will allow our customers to rest easy knowing services will always be available.
Best practices for high availability bandwidth are in place such as the use of physically distant entry points for several tier-one network carriers, including WilTel, SBC, Sprint, AT&T, Qwest, Time Warner Telecom and MCI. Multiple edge routers and an internally redundant network co-designed with Cisco provide assurance that data will be routed to and from the Internet with low latency and high availability. Rackspace data centers offer a 100% network uptime guarantee (SLA). All important aspects of network availability and performance are monitored by staff on a 24x7 basis.
Conditioned power is used for all servers and network equipment. In the event of a power degradation or outage, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) instantaneously provide the necessary energy to continue all services. Fail over UPSs are also installed and configured to assume power control if needed. An extended outage would trigger on-site diesel engine generators. To ensure proper operation, the generators are regularly inspected and tested.
A large capacity HVAC system is a must for server rooms packed with heat-producing servers. The HVAC system is also redundant in the event that primary coolers experience issues. To reduce dust and keep air cool, the air in the data center is filtered and cycled every 90 seconds.
Continuous surveillance, biometric authentication, keycards, and limited access only to employees who have undergone thorough background checks make sure that only authorized individuals have physical access to servers and network equipment.
Fire Suppression
State of the art fire suppression is also in place to immediately halt the progress of any detected fire and to allow key services to continue without interruption.
All staff are certified and experienced in maintaining and monitoring critical networks and servers. Rackspace employs more RedHat Certified Engineers than any other hosting company in the world, and has more than 100 employees with Microsoft Certified Professional certificates. The combined experience of the personnel is extremely valuable in quickly solving common and not-so-common data center issues.

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