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High Availability Scalability
As more businesses realize the value of outsourced email hosting, and as reliance on email as a business tool grows, the demands on our email system steadily increase. As a recognized leader in the email hosting space, we have proven our ability to scale services to accommodate the growth of our existing customers and the aggressive growth of taking on many new customers per month.

A compelling advantage of the KD Interactive Hosted Email approach to its service architecture is the ability to quickly and smoothly scale out system capacity to meet demand. Specialized operating system and software configurations have been tailored to fit the server hardware at our data centers. When new servers are needed, pre-built software configurations can be loaded in about 20 minutes and the new servers can be seamlessly added to clusters wherever they are needed. Because we use commodity hardware, Rackspace is able to stock a surplus of spare servers and hardware components and ordering more is always easy since many different vendors sell every component locally.

Adding email storage capacity is as simple as bringing online new pairs of email storage servers. Experience has allowed us to know what kind of mailbox capacity and storage performance to expect. This allows us to plan ahead and set up new storage servers to maintain the excess capacity needed to bring on new mailboxes quickly.

All of the core email services and backend databases can all scale independently from one another. For instance, inbound email (SMTP) servers are required to do intensive spam identification and processing as well as two layers of anti-virus filtering. The outbound email (SMTP) servers are not required to perform the same level of spam checking, and therefore the inbound cluster contains more servers than the outbound email cluster. This efficiency in using server resources allows us to stay competitive on price while offering superior service quality.

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