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High Availability Technology
Email and collaboration availability—it's critical to the success of your business. It's also one of the biggest pain points imaginable. If it goes down, your customers and employees raise an uproar. Even worse, work comes to a standstill and with it, revenue generation. That's why high availability is so critical, and why we've invested considerable resources into building a high availability Hosted Exchange environment. We own and manage the environment and take full responsibility for supporting it, unlike other Exchange providers.
High Availability
With no single points of failure in our Exchange environment and our years of experience supporting complex applications, Hosted Exchange delivers the highest levels of reliability, performance, and uptime. So it's not your every day hosted Exchange solution. It's Hosted Exchange. High Availability. It makes a difference in a lot of ways.
  • Fully redundant High Availability (HA) infrastructure designed and built to minimize the impact of any component failure
  • Load balanced and clustered environment
  • Delivering 100% application uptime—guaranteed.
High Performance Cluster
Downtime Protection
If a cluster node fails or is taken offline for maintenance, our passive-active cluster server configuration activates another node, protecting Hosted Exchange from downtime and service disruption.
Infinite Scalability
The Hosted Exchange clustered environment makes it easy to add Exchange servers and drives for storage without any downtime - creating an infinitely scalable and stable solution.
Consistently High Performance
We intentionally keep our Exchange server utilization low to ensure that memory/CPU performance is never degraded. Network Redundancy and Security
Hosted Exchange runs on Rackspace's Zero-Downtime Network™. So 100% network uptime isn't wishful thinking, it's a guaranteed reality. Rackspace designed and built the Zero-Downtime Network to minimize downtime, which allows us to deliver fast response times to any issues that may arise.
  • Zero-Downtime Network™ Utilizes Nine Network Providers - By building multiple redundancies into the network's information flow to and from end users' mailboxes, your mail is delivered fast.
  • Redundancy On Top of Redundancy - We ensure that all traffic and requests are efficiently processed without fail or delay. Our Hosted Exchange environment includes multiple firewalls and load balancers to keep it running smoothly under any circumstances, and to protect your email and mailboxes.
Fully Redundant Tier-4 Data Centers
Our Hosted Exchange servers are located in one of Rackspace's 8 fully redundant, world-class data centers across the globe that are secured by keycards, biometric scanning and constant surveillance in a fully redundant environment.
Monitoring Exchange Performance
The entire Exchange Engineering Team works with advanced monitoring tools that keep a watchful eye over all aspects of the Hosted Exchange environment, 24x7x365. Intelligent systems built into our system keep Exchange working and email flowing, so that should a component of our Hosted Exchange environment behave abnormally, automatic failover occurs behind the scenes and users are never impacted. Simultaneously, our Exchange Engineering Team is immediately notified of the incident so they can identify and remedy the cause.
Data Center
A data center must be intentionally constructed from the floor up to offer high availability to the services hosted inside. With Rackspace (our parent company) as our data center, we are confident that the data center physical plant and network infrastructure will allow our customers and resellers to rest easy knowing services will always be available.

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