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Database Solutions Software
High-end database implementations are used to store and retrieve KD Interactive Hosted Email customer information. Data services like email username and password verification must be fast, efficient, and always available in order to be useful and our clustered database solutions provide the features our customers need.
MySQL, Inc. develops and markets a family of high performance, affordable database servers and tools. MySQL is the world's most popular open source database, with more than 5 million active installations. With superior speed, reliability, and ease of use, MySQL has become the preferred choice of corporate IT managers because it eliminates the major problems associated with downtime, maintenance, administration, and support. KD Interactive Hosted Email has clusters of MySQL servers handling millions of email related transactions per hour. The cluster in use is also a fault-tolerant, high-availability configuration of servers.
SQL Server 2005
Microsoft's SQL Server is the backbone of the KD Interactive Hosted Email administration systems. SQL Server integrates closely with IIS to allow fast and secure access to customer settings and information. This version of SQL Server has proven to be robust and provides high performance results.
Berkeley DB
Postfix, amavis, and several custom tools created by KD Interactive Hosted Email rely on Berkeley DB for high speed storage. Berkeley DBs are very low maintenance, yet they provide quick access and scale easily to handle medium-sized data sets.
Many database queries are repetitive in nature and are good candidates for caching. KD Interactive Hosted Email uses memcached to cache many common queries and this allows applications to scale more quickly. Memcached was developed by Danga Interactive to enhance the speed of LiveJournal.com, and has been released to the open source community.

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