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Spam Filtering Software
KD Interactive Hosted Email has teamed up with several key players in the anti-spam arena and actively participates in ongoing research to combat the spam problem. New methods of identifying spam and reducing false positives are constantly being engineered. KD Interactive Hosted Email has built its anti-spam solution so that emerging technologies can be easily integrated.
Cloudmark is the global leader in carrier-grade messaging security, delivering the industry's most comprehensive and accurate real-time spam, phishing and virus protection. Cloudmark solutions combine highly sophisticated Advanced Message Fingerprinting™ technology based on innovative, high performance algorithms and the world's largest threat detection network, consisting of trusted reporters in over 200 countries. Cloudmark provides fingerprint updates to KD Interactive Hosted Email every 60 seconds so that its customers are immediately protected against the latest wave of messaging threats.
SpamAssassin is an engine for deploying a wide spectrum of mail filtering tests that can identify spam. This open source software provides extreme flexibility through an API, allowing it to be used in a wide variety of email systems, including Postfix.
Policy Daemon
Policyd works with Postfix to provide Greylisting, sender and recipient rate throttling, and other services. KD Interactive Hosted Email uses a modified version of Policyd, which plays an important part in reducing email spam.
Message Sniffer
Based in Sterling, Virginia, ARM Research Labs' advanced anti-spam pattern recognition technologies allow KD Interactive Hosted Email anti-spam filters to simultaneously apply thousands of heuristic algorithms to each email, in search of identifiable spam traits ("Spam DNA"). The efficiency, speed, and depth of this technology make identifying "Polymorphic Spam" a reality. Polymorphic Spam is where many copies of the same email are sent, but with each email containing subtle differences in punctuation or spacing, designed to circumvent content filters.
Return Path
Return Path's Sender Score Certified program, formerly known as " Bonded Sender" allows legitimate bulk email senders to bond their email financially to avoid being accidentally blocked by anti-spam filters. Sender Score also maintains a reputation database for all email systems, good and bad. KD Interactive Hosted Email has integrated Sender Score into its suite of anti-spam tools in order to combat spam as well as to avoid falsely identifying legitimate email as spam ("false-positives").
Digital Phishnet
The Digital PhishNet is a joint enforcement operation between industry and law enforcement designed to ensnare those who perpetrate phishing attacks. Its goals are simple: to identify, arrest, and hold accountable those who are involved in all levels of phishing attacks, including spammers, phishers, credit card peddlers, re-shippers, and anyone involved in the further abuse of consumers' personal information. Members include ISPs, online auctions, financial institutions, and law enforcement, including the FBI, Secret Service, US Postal Inspection Service, Federal Trade Commission, a number of Electronic Task Forces around the nation, and others.

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