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Virus Protection Software
KD Interactive Hosted Email scans for email-borne viruses using a unique three-stage anti-virus process. Stage one identifies formatting vulnerabilities, including email formatting "trickery" that can be used to hide attachments from anti-virus scanners. Stage two performs the anti-virus using an independent virus scanner with constantly updated virus definitions. Stage three blocks potentially unsafe attachments, which could carry malicious executable code. Should any portion of this three-stage anti-virus process fail, safeguards are in place to ensure that the remaining stages execute and email traffic continues without interruption.

Our anti-virus provider proactively send notices to KD Interactive Hosted Email servers when new anti-virus definitions are available. An automated system receives those notices and initiates downloading the new definitions, which are immediately put into use.
ClamAV is an open source anti-virus toolkit for UNIX. The primary purpose of this software is mail server virus scanning. The package provides a fast and scalable multi-threaded daemon and a tool for automatic updating via the Internet. The virus database is kept extremely up to date through the combined efforts of the organizations that use the software.

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