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Virus Protection Notification
When a virus is detected in a message sent from the Internet to the KD Interactive Hosted Email email hosting system, the email is discarded and not delivered. Since all of today's viruses forge the "From" address on their emails, our system does not automatically bounce a notification back to the forged sender. Doing so would create a nuisance by sending virus alerts to persons who have no meaningful connection to the virus infection, and we discourage other email providers from sending these alerts as well.

If a customer using KD Interactive Hosted Email for sending outbound email includes a virus in their message, a notification is immediately sent back to the customer. This is possible because KD Interactive Hosted Email customers use SMTP Authentication, allowing us to know that the email was sent by a real person and not by a virus pretending to be a real person.

Customers can view details regarding the number of viruses blocked, inside of their administrative control panel.

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